Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Southern California Life Style - Thanksgiving at the beach

I thought I would introduce the family with pictures from last Thanksgiving as it was somewhat typical. Yes, the weather is often sunny here, but whatever we get (sometimes rainy) it is the family time I really find satisfying.  Here is wife Jeanne, oldest daughter Renee and son-in-law Alejandro packed up for some time at a local surfspot.

Sun, Grandson, and family time to relax, surf, hike, and visit

Later that evening we all went out to Nicolosi's a famous area restaurant for some yummie Italian food.  Pictured here are Ale holding grandson Danilo, Renee, my youngest daughter Lisa, my mom Kate, me and my sweet wife Jeanne.

Thanksgiving plans this year still in the making, but no matter what I have sooooo much to be thankful for!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Humble Beginnings

This is my first blog posting.  It is entirely the fault of my oldest daughter Renee who has inpired me with the content of her blog "Mi Querida Familia" many times.  She shares her heart and family news and little nuggets of her life as a new mother of my only grandchild.  How wonderful to see their life in Colorado from so far away.  She draws me in and I feel connected though apart.  That is how I want to be via this blog vehicle concerning my life to you dear friends.  I'm grateful for the person Renee became in so many ways.

My inspiration for blogging, and trying to keep my friends updated with me!  Her blog link:  This is the best place to check out my grandson Danilo and my son-in-law Alejandro too.