Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Saturday, February 26, 2011

For those who have ears...

About 2 weeks ago my daughter Renee visited to be with husband Alejandro who is in California on business for a month or 2. We had a family barbecue, and as the beer began to flow, so did the political discussion.

Renee is an aware Christian who follows her Lord Jesus and so is careful what she exposes herself to. She is modest in drink, attire, attitude, and media intake, and much more. 

She posted on her blog:  "...while I still hold to the opinion that we ought to carefully filter what goes in, this presents a serious problem: I am completely unaware of what is happening politically in our world, and therefore, incapable of being an active participant and voice on any political scene, and THAT IS NOT OKAY WITH ME.

When I wrote
this post earlier this month, in which I referenced people who don't even know the names of our House of Representatives, well, I was preaching to myself.

How does one filter what goes in, with regards to negativity, worldliness, and liberal politically skewed news reports, but at the same time remain informed and involved?  I'm aware that there are certain websites and newscasters that present a more balanced view of the political facts.  I'm also aware of the fact that it will take sacrifice and time to become informed and involved.  I'm certain I don't have all the answers yet, but I do know that it's important, and it's an issue I'm exploring and if you have any insight, I'm all ears ".

I admire that she and many others want to be careful, yet informed.  Here are my suggestions for anybody listening.
1)  Don't waste your time. You can filter what you intake on the internet in order to target information. You waste time browsing in a newspaper or channel surfing on the TV cable service. You can also find your targets and pay attention to them on the radio while you do chores or read blogs of interest and follow their internet references for deeper detail.
2)  Choose your content. Don't subscribe to media that is vacuous. So much of it is hype NOT facts, or editorial about facts, events, or history. If you see the rhetoric of those appealing only on an emotional level, exit quickly! You are likely in Liberal LaLa Land. I find clear thinking liberals to be rare. One was John Kennedy.  "Ask not...".  Today he would be on the moderate side of conservatism.
3)  Pay attention to those who are like (Christ) minded. If you are not a believer, at least like minded. You should balance with some other view points, but keep it to those who do it with respect for others.
4)  Think about what you come to believe and why.  Don't just take it in.  Think about what this means to you and your family, your world. So many folks are all intake, no cogitate.
5)  Share what you learn with those you respect.  Bounce your new thoughts around in a crowd of peers you respect.

Here are some great places to start (depending on what level of interest you have) on politics and world events.  These are Christian oriented because I'M a Christian.  DUH!!!

Printed Periodical Media:  World Magazine,  Wall Street Journal (not Christian - for financial facts),  Imprimis - Hillsdale College "the unvarnished truth" (free)
Cable TV: Fox News - O'Reilly Factor - conservative, mostly Christian, slightly sensational, factual
Town Hall - - Salem Radio Network News (Christian slant)
Hugh Hewitt Blog - - Hugh's blog. Excellent Writing, very high minded.
Roger Hedgecock Show website - - politics
Mark Larson -  (San Diego based - Christian a little silly, but FUN)
Michael Medved -  (middle easterner who is Christian - politics and pop culture)
Dennis Prager - - (Jewish christian) - ethics, morality, culture, God
Radio: Not a fan of Rush Limbaugh, though I listen rarely.  Go to websites above to find radio broadcast of these guys in your area. I briefly listen to opposing views of guests on these shows who have their own radio broadcasts.

Here is a little sample of one of my favorite political cartoonists: Lisa Benson

Let me know if you discover others I might like.  I'm REALLY into politics and have been for a long time. This cartoon is about Wisconsin for you novice news junkies. If you find a respectful liberal media item, I'm all ears.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sometimes... It Just Works Out Great!

Last Sunday everything just seemed to fall in place for my family.  If you told me "Hey get your brother, grandson, both daughters, mother, son-in law, soon to be son-in-law, and special friends, all together for a barbecue", I would have said "RIGHT!,  Like that's gonna happen".  Well it DID!  God organized this one I think.  So here is the evidence.

Ray and Lisa stopped in after Church and we got the chip and dip started.

Renee and Alejandro who were having a re-union weekend brought grandson Danny to meet Great Uncle Ken who was here to spend time with Mom on the way home from Navy business in Florida.

Danny took the leash and introduced Ken to Toby the Colorado wonder dog. This reminded Ken of his old pal Sharkey from med school days.

Ale and Grandpa introduced Danny to the joy of once-around-the-block in the sports car.  Danny imitated shifting on the emergency brake handle!  Ata Boy!

The hosts introduced Pacifico long necks and burgers.  Politics ensued as one of many topics.  We are all ready to fire Congress and the Obama administration and start over.

Danny gave up on the "sippy cup" and decided on something stronger.  He's joining the Navy next week.

Hmmm.... this tastes remarkably like my sippy cup!?!  Danny was ready for action after lunch adjourned.

Lets collect garden rocks in my cargo pockets Grama Jeanne!!

I think you're FUN Grama!!

Now for some indoor fun.  Let's put the rocks in trucks and play on the carpet.

Back to Dad for some fun up high....

What is eveyone so excited about?  

BLOGS!  Yep,  grandpa's and Mom's BLOGS!  See the pictures?  Well I hope so.  I just love how this just worked out for everyone to get to re-connect.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Superbowl Fun

Football fans in San Diego are pretty mixed up these day.  We have a great team in the Chargers, but inspite of fabulous offensive and defensive statistics (ok special teams blew it) we were sitting through another SuperBowl wondering how they were going to let it slip away next year.  By the way... yay for Kansas City on their great season.  Many of my midwestern family members deserved a nice surprise from their team after so many years of loyalty in my opinion. Who to root for in the Superbowl this year was a mix of viewpoints.

Here is a Steeler's Fan getting ready for her team's big win of yet ANOTHER Lombardi Trophy!

Most of the rest of us were pulling for the GreenBay Packers because of their relatively humble attitude and long dry spell in the playoff season.  My daughter Lisa fell in love with them a couple of years ago, so she came prepared with her NFL shirt she got from Ray last Christmas.  Ray's sister Rita and Jeanne pose with the faithful CheeseHead of the family.

Lisa and Rita even baked a good luck secret weapon:  a green ...bay Packers cake.  Rita suggested PAM to help the cake release from the pan, but that didn't happen.  So the cake was a representation of a broken season with a sixth place seed in the playoffs.  No matter it tasted great!

Christina Aguilara gave us an inspiring though flawed start to what proved to be one of the more interesting, but flawed SuperBowl games.  Quarter three had quarterbacks asking if these were the same receivers as in the first half due to dropped passes.

Hmmmmm.....  that still bothers me a great deal for some reason.  Ray and his mom, Nora joined us....

Alejandro brought my Mom Kate (yes, a Charger's fan) over...

  and we settled in with chips and dip (of course)!

 We lit up the barbecue at half time, for cook-to-order burgers, Nora brought tamales, Jeanne did chili in the crock pot.  All American (for California) cooking.  The Steeler's never lead in this game mostly due to turnovers, and everyone here had a good time, well almost everyone...

  Lisa's number 12 Aaron Rogers got the MVP!

WHO KNEW?  Lisa!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Island Style - Happy Anniversary Violet and Ken!

January 31, 2011 Ken and Violet celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary! Their commitment to each other and their families is heart warming to me. Not many of you know what a unique couple they are.  Both from very different  backgrounds, but very adaptive of "Hawaiian Island" Style.  Take getting married for instance.  You get some boats and an island, your best man, an adventurous chaplin, a couple of Keiki ring bearers....

and you paddle out to China Hat off of Oahu along the Kam Highway......

You change into your Hawaiian formal wedding attire, with a couple of flower Lais....

Smile at the wedding procession....

Say your very important vows to God and man... and exchange rings of course...

Lift the veil and kiss the, something like that!!

Now you're married!!!! 

 Row, row, row your boat bak 'om man!!

When you get 'dere....  party with your friends....

Now you live happy ever after Island Style!!   Hope you two celebrate many more.  We love you both!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Sunday Bike Ride

Ever since I got my first bike I liked to ride!  I was pretty little and have had lots of them over my life span. My first two wheeler was frequently adorned with old playing cards and cloths pins to provide the "motor" sound. Later in my bicycling career I wasn't too popular with my high school girl friend because I rode my bike! She said "I'll meet you at your locker". Our socializing started there. I rode my bike to college and then to my first job at UCSD Medical Center.  At my 25 year high school reuinion my old girlfriend said I looked good, and I was ahead of my time about the "Bike Thing"!

Last Sunday I practiced one of my favorite get-aways.

We got out the new hybrid cruiser/mountain bikes and took a ride with Alejandro my son (in law) here in San Diego to work on my Mom's house. 

We toured Mission Bay from Ocean Beach and back. Here Ale waits for pokey old people who had to do the bridge stairs before crossing.  You see alot from the bridge...

Local sail boat races for kids....

...and the bay patrol boat.  We ended at home for shrimp salad and the Pro Bowl. Ale had fun.  Nice Day!