Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Just a few years ago my mom Kate and I celebrated mother's day one on one. Usually a movie and a new restaurant for something different. My Mom is pretty unique and very loving, and loves her two boys. Brother Ken never fails to connect and shower Mom with something special if he can't be here.

Last weekend I found myself involved with SEVEN mothers. And that doesn't count Lisa's soon to be mother-in-law Nora! So, wife Jeanne (#1) and I picked up Kate (#2) and went up to a brunch with her son Daniel and his girlfriend's family. Guess what? There is a new ring on my step-son's girlfriend. Daniel and Danielle are to be married! Danielle (#3) has a son Dylan from a previous marriage so she is already a mom. That is them to my left past Jeanne above.

Her sister Desiree (#4) and husband Jason have a little boy Jackson on the way! Joe and Renee (#5) were there because Renee is mom to Danielle and Desiree and youngest daughter Tamara. (Renee, Joe, Jason, Desiree above)

Then there is Renee's mom Dianne (#6) and husband Wayne along to add to the grandmother contingent. Tamara is right of Kate.  Jeanne connected with her mom Lorrae (#7) on the phone as she is in Chico with brother Pierre. Phew.... did I miss anyone?  Lucille's Barbecue was delicious and we had a great time discussing all the new fun we are going to have together. Speaking of fun, how about horses?  Renee and Joe have a Board and Ride ranch in Winchester.  So we all went to check it out! Kate rode the electric cart to save walking and got to see all.

Some of these belong to owners who board their horses and come out to ride,  some belong to Renee and Joe, and Danielle, and ???  Jeanne likes horses I found out. Especially little cute ones!

Some of these great animals are soooo gentle, and love attention.  May have to go for a ride sometime...with all the mother's I have in my life. By the way,  I talked to my daughter Renee (#8) this morning who posted great pictures of my grandson Danny up in Colorado with one of my favorite moms of years past. Renee and husband Ale are featured at: . Hope you had fun with someone's Mom last weekend!

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