Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two Years!

Recently I enjoyed a very special evening with my bride of two years at Donovan's Gaslamp on Fifth right on our anniversay: July 10. I so love this late-in-life surprise who is so spunky and spiritual and cute. We both spent some time reflecting on how blessed we are to have met by God's providence.  It is odd how 2 years doesn't mean much to those of you who have been married most of your lives to the same person and you plan for the big ones, like Jeanne and I did in previous marriages, say for the 25th, or 30th.  I can say from our new perspective on marriage, that each day can be a celebration of the heart, and two years has been our little miracle to cherish that we never thought we would have. Thanks to our God of mercy.  May we glorify You in our joy Lord.
Here is the first of mostly bad pictures I (or the waiter) took this past month.

A word about Donovan's: Superlative. Bring your very best friend or friends  Reward yourself. Money well spent. If not now, when?

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