Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas Surprise

This year the family took a rest from traveling and we stayed in San Diego for Christmas. This can be a nice change from the extra effort of car or air travel in the busiest time of year.  We connected by phone and email and blog. 

Our Mom Kate joined us of course. Here Jeanne helps Santa distribute gifts on Christmas Eve.  Yes, we open eve and Christmas morning.

Our cat Abby got in the spirit and brought us our first personal Christmas gift with her skills as a huntress: a fresh lizard kill she had been pursuing for weeks on the patio!!  Good Kitty!!

But that was not the big surprise...   Maybe it was Warren's really big package from Jeanne which had him guessing for more than a week.

A new wet/dry shop vacuum (to help clean that new sports car).

Nope, that wasn't the Big surprise either.  The big surprise came Christmas morning when Lisa and her boyfriend Ray Villegas came over to open presents. Ray got Lisa a football jersey for her favorite team, and in the bottom of the gift bag was a small box.  Hmmm.......  She opened the box......  Ray got on his knee....

And asked her to marry him !!!! .......

She took a deep breathe.... and said "Yes!".  For some reason kissing ensued.

We were surprised for sure!!  Lisa called family before I was allowed to Blog the news, but she wanted to share this Christmas proposal.  They are in no hurry to set a date, but prefer to make plans, counsel, and talk with family and friends about their new life together at their own pace. We are praying for the Lord's direction and timing in this exciting time.

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