Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Friend Steve - A Birthday Update

His real name isn't Steve, but he IS a real friend, and a great blessing in life to me.  His real name is Charles, but he has never used that name.  Just doesn't care for it all that much.  Steve comes from the middle name, and he has always been "Steve" to all who know him.  And many have had the pleasure over the years.  Steve is fun and really smart and generous and devout in a really pleasing way, and humble.  Alas, he is also OLD now.  Yep,  just turned 60.  Here he is with his new best friend Karen who engineered a wonderful party at their new home in Carlsbad.  Most of you know Steve married Karen not that long ago.  You can see the love in this picture and they deserve each other!

Well if you're gonna be 60, take these two as an example of how to do it.  Such grace and style!  There were wonderful hors d'oerves, beer, wine and guests.  We also got a tour of the new digs while some others were arriving.

Dinner was delicious fish, veges, (right down Steve's dietary alley) and much more. 

Then there was time for fun and visiting to catch up with some of the friends I had not seen since the wedding.

Steve's sweet sister Kathleen attended of course. Here she explains survival of Steve's formative years I think.

Having been a part of his formative years myself I understand and have a great fondness for her.  Steve and I met in 10th grade as we were seated (alphabetically) next to each other in Chemistry at Clairemont High School in (gulp) 1966.  He was my first lab partner, and a great stimulus to finish Mr. McKinney's stoichiometry balancing equations for extra credit.  His influence payed off in later years as I became a staff microbiologist at UCSD Medical Center Laboratory post college.  I love Steve's input at Bible study on Thursday night when he comments on scripture, and his walk with our Lord as he has experienced it.  We also share a great love of music and play worship together on guitars.  But that is another post.....  Happy Birthday ole friend!  May there be many more.

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