Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The man on my mother's roof

My mom Kate Kelly still lives where I grew up.  The corner of Luna and Hidalgo Ave. in Clairemont next to Alcott School (my elementary) has a long history for our family.  This is where my kids Renee and Lisa went every Tuesday after Dad retired to be with 'Namas and Grandpa for the day. This is the gathering spot for the neighborhood Sunday morning coffee klatch (as my folks called it ) with neighbors on the patio. Lately however the ole patio roof has been giving ground to the rain (that we don't often get) and Mom has had to "Rig For Rain", meaning cover furniture and put newspapers on strategic positions.  Always made me think of the WWII submariners who had to "Rig for silent running" to avoid sonar.  Well no more!  I caught this man on my Mom's patio roof this past week on my lunch break.  Some of you may recognize him.

Notice the smile on his face and the sun on his shoulders.  Makes you think of a John Denver tune.  I said "Dude! you are doing a great job.  He said "I'm having FUN!" This makes me immensely happy to see my son (in law) thriving at his new business.  Check out the roofing tile symmetry!

I could not have asked for a more meticulous job on the ever present leak between house (especially at the chimney) and the patio.  No more alsenite (fiber glass).  3/4 inch plywood and standard roofing shingles.  Dad often said it was what we should have done long ago.  Oh, yeah.  Did I mention Irvin (dad), Ken and I built the patio?  I enjoyed it then and now more than ever.

Nice metal edge flashing now too.  And the secret to such quality work?  That's right.  You have to have the right crew working for you.  Here is Alejandro and his forman. Never is Ale out of the watchful eye of the forman.

Toby the Colorado Wonder Dog was keeping all manner of distraction from the job site. No cats, children, strays, or grandmothers were allowed in the back yard on his watch.  Thanks for a great job crew!!

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