Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Sad Note

No pictures, no fun on this post.  Just want to pass on the sad news that my mother's health care giver Charlene Cole-Young lost her husband Orson suddenly last weekend.  We don't have details on his sudden demise, but there will be a funeral Tues, Jan 25 to commemorate this kind and gentle man.  Charlene and Orson were married only a few years ago which was a pleasant surprise in Charlene's life.  We quickly grew to love Orson's gracious ways.  Occassionally Mom would loan her car (which she no longer drives) to Charlene when one of theirs needed repair.  She always got it back with a wash and detail compliments and "thank you" from Orson.  Like Mom's car, we were all a little better off for having Orson in our lives.  Orson is with His beloved saviour now, and we have the Holy Spirit to help us learn to move ahead without our friend Orson whom we will miss greatly!  Our love to Charlene and Orson's families.  God Bless you, and comfort you all!  Amen.

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