Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Saturday, February 26, 2011

For those who have ears...

About 2 weeks ago my daughter Renee visited to be with husband Alejandro who is in California on business for a month or 2. We had a family barbecue, and as the beer began to flow, so did the political discussion.

Renee is an aware Christian who follows her Lord Jesus and so is careful what she exposes herself to. She is modest in drink, attire, attitude, and media intake, and much more. 

She posted on her blog:  "...while I still hold to the opinion that we ought to carefully filter what goes in, this presents a serious problem: I am completely unaware of what is happening politically in our world, and therefore, incapable of being an active participant and voice on any political scene, and THAT IS NOT OKAY WITH ME.

When I wrote
this post earlier this month, in which I referenced people who don't even know the names of our House of Representatives, well, I was preaching to myself.

How does one filter what goes in, with regards to negativity, worldliness, and liberal politically skewed news reports, but at the same time remain informed and involved?  I'm aware that there are certain websites and newscasters that present a more balanced view of the political facts.  I'm also aware of the fact that it will take sacrifice and time to become informed and involved.  I'm certain I don't have all the answers yet, but I do know that it's important, and it's an issue I'm exploring and if you have any insight, I'm all ears ".

I admire that she and many others want to be careful, yet informed.  Here are my suggestions for anybody listening.
1)  Don't waste your time. You can filter what you intake on the internet in order to target information. You waste time browsing in a newspaper or channel surfing on the TV cable service. You can also find your targets and pay attention to them on the radio while you do chores or read blogs of interest and follow their internet references for deeper detail.
2)  Choose your content. Don't subscribe to media that is vacuous. So much of it is hype NOT facts, or editorial about facts, events, or history. If you see the rhetoric of those appealing only on an emotional level, exit quickly! You are likely in Liberal LaLa Land. I find clear thinking liberals to be rare. One was John Kennedy.  "Ask not...".  Today he would be on the moderate side of conservatism.
3)  Pay attention to those who are like (Christ) minded. If you are not a believer, at least like minded. You should balance with some other view points, but keep it to those who do it with respect for others.
4)  Think about what you come to believe and why.  Don't just take it in.  Think about what this means to you and your family, your world. So many folks are all intake, no cogitate.
5)  Share what you learn with those you respect.  Bounce your new thoughts around in a crowd of peers you respect.

Here are some great places to start (depending on what level of interest you have) on politics and world events.  These are Christian oriented because I'M a Christian.  DUH!!!

Printed Periodical Media:  World Magazine,  Wall Street Journal (not Christian - for financial facts),  Imprimis - Hillsdale College "the unvarnished truth" (free)
Cable TV: Fox News - O'Reilly Factor - conservative, mostly Christian, slightly sensational, factual
Town Hall - - Salem Radio Network News (Christian slant)
Hugh Hewitt Blog - - Hugh's blog. Excellent Writing, very high minded.
Roger Hedgecock Show website - - politics
Mark Larson -  (San Diego based - Christian a little silly, but FUN)
Michael Medved -  (middle easterner who is Christian - politics and pop culture)
Dennis Prager - - (Jewish christian) - ethics, morality, culture, God
Radio: Not a fan of Rush Limbaugh, though I listen rarely.  Go to websites above to find radio broadcast of these guys in your area. I briefly listen to opposing views of guests on these shows who have their own radio broadcasts.

Here is a little sample of one of my favorite political cartoonists: Lisa Benson

Let me know if you discover others I might like.  I'm REALLY into politics and have been for a long time. This cartoon is about Wisconsin for you novice news junkies. If you find a respectful liberal media item, I'm all ears.

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