Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sometimes... It Just Works Out Great!

Last Sunday everything just seemed to fall in place for my family.  If you told me "Hey get your brother, grandson, both daughters, mother, son-in law, soon to be son-in-law, and special friends, all together for a barbecue", I would have said "RIGHT!,  Like that's gonna happen".  Well it DID!  God organized this one I think.  So here is the evidence.

Ray and Lisa stopped in after Church and we got the chip and dip started.

Renee and Alejandro who were having a re-union weekend brought grandson Danny to meet Great Uncle Ken who was here to spend time with Mom on the way home from Navy business in Florida.

Danny took the leash and introduced Ken to Toby the Colorado wonder dog. This reminded Ken of his old pal Sharkey from med school days.

Ale and Grandpa introduced Danny to the joy of once-around-the-block in the sports car.  Danny imitated shifting on the emergency brake handle!  Ata Boy!

The hosts introduced Pacifico long necks and burgers.  Politics ensued as one of many topics.  We are all ready to fire Congress and the Obama administration and start over.

Danny gave up on the "sippy cup" and decided on something stronger.  He's joining the Navy next week.

Hmmm.... this tastes remarkably like my sippy cup!?!  Danny was ready for action after lunch adjourned.

Lets collect garden rocks in my cargo pockets Grama Jeanne!!

I think you're FUN Grama!!

Now for some indoor fun.  Let's put the rocks in trucks and play on the carpet.

Back to Dad for some fun up high....

What is eveyone so excited about?  

BLOGS!  Yep,  grandpa's and Mom's BLOGS!  See the pictures?  Well I hope so.  I just love how this just worked out for everyone to get to re-connect.

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