Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Sunday Bike Ride

Ever since I got my first bike I liked to ride!  I was pretty little and have had lots of them over my life span. My first two wheeler was frequently adorned with old playing cards and cloths pins to provide the "motor" sound. Later in my bicycling career I wasn't too popular with my high school girl friend because I rode my bike! She said "I'll meet you at your locker". Our socializing started there. I rode my bike to college and then to my first job at UCSD Medical Center.  At my 25 year high school reuinion my old girlfriend said I looked good, and I was ahead of my time about the "Bike Thing"!

Last Sunday I practiced one of my favorite get-aways.

We got out the new hybrid cruiser/mountain bikes and took a ride with Alejandro my son (in law) here in San Diego to work on my Mom's house. 

We toured Mission Bay from Ocean Beach and back. Here Ale waits for pokey old people who had to do the bridge stairs before crossing.  You see alot from the bridge...

Local sail boat races for kids....

...and the bay patrol boat.  We ended at home for shrimp salad and the Pro Bowl. Ale had fun.  Nice Day!

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