Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Superbowl Fun

Football fans in San Diego are pretty mixed up these day.  We have a great team in the Chargers, but inspite of fabulous offensive and defensive statistics (ok special teams blew it) we were sitting through another SuperBowl wondering how they were going to let it slip away next year.  By the way... yay for Kansas City on their great season.  Many of my midwestern family members deserved a nice surprise from their team after so many years of loyalty in my opinion. Who to root for in the Superbowl this year was a mix of viewpoints.

Here is a Steeler's Fan getting ready for her team's big win of yet ANOTHER Lombardi Trophy!

Most of the rest of us were pulling for the GreenBay Packers because of their relatively humble attitude and long dry spell in the playoff season.  My daughter Lisa fell in love with them a couple of years ago, so she came prepared with her NFL shirt she got from Ray last Christmas.  Ray's sister Rita and Jeanne pose with the faithful CheeseHead of the family.

Lisa and Rita even baked a good luck secret weapon:  a green ...bay Packers cake.  Rita suggested PAM to help the cake release from the pan, but that didn't happen.  So the cake was a representation of a broken season with a sixth place seed in the playoffs.  No matter it tasted great!

Christina Aguilara gave us an inspiring though flawed start to what proved to be one of the more interesting, but flawed SuperBowl games.  Quarter three had quarterbacks asking if these were the same receivers as in the first half due to dropped passes.

Hmmmmm.....  that still bothers me a great deal for some reason.  Ray and his mom, Nora joined us....

Alejandro brought my Mom Kate (yes, a Charger's fan) over...

  and we settled in with chips and dip (of course)!

 We lit up the barbecue at half time, for cook-to-order burgers, Nora brought tamales, Jeanne did chili in the crock pot.  All American (for California) cooking.  The Steeler's never lead in this game mostly due to turnovers, and everyone here had a good time, well almost everyone...

  Lisa's number 12 Aaron Rogers got the MVP!

WHO KNEW?  Lisa!

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