Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Baby shower for Danielle

Well this fall the inevitable baby shower happened in October. Jeanne and my mom Kate and Lisa journeyed up Hwy 15 to Temecula to be with Danielle's family to have some fun and help get the nest ready for a new little girl. Here is the evidence...

 Kate really enjoyed the idea she would become a great grandmother AGAIN!

Danielle listens as Jeanne explains college choices for the grandchild, and Lisa waves to the camera.

More gifts arrived...

 and even more gifts arrived.  I think women like to shop for babies!!  Then the opening commenced.

And everyone had to see as they went around...

Aren't patios the best!!  Desiree, (Danielle's sister) brings the items for review.

 Then, there was FOOOOOOOOD of course. Danielle's mom Renee helps out.

By this time the baby girl had a name: Daylin.  Grandpa really likes this Irish name.  So, the family will be Daylin, Danielle, Daniel, and of course big brother Dylan. Think of the naming possibilities for future kids... Donovan, Dolly, Dingo, Darnit, Darlene, Dont, Domingo, Dorito, I just can't wait!

Here is the proud father-to-be (Daniel) in the new granddaughter suite. Love this decor.  Won't be long now!

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