Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Daylin Arrives!!

Last Wednesday our daughter-in-law Danielle went to her latest pre-natal and was told: "your baby is ready, your just not starting labor. So Friday we will induce if you don't have her before then".  Well, Friday morning the doctors got things started while Jeanne flew up the highway to join the fun as an invitee into the delivery suite!

I sent a camera and prayed for a healthy birth and pictures I could post.  Welcome to the world Daylin!!

Daniel comforts Danielle as the nurse preps and the doctor gloves up.  Pretty soon little one...

After 15 minutes of pushing.... one healthy little one joined the family in our world.  Clearing the airway of fluid is always good.  Very little crying, more like a squeak according to Mom. "I have a little squeaker".

Hey Mom, I'm still "connected"!!  Dad gets to help with the cord.

Dad leans in: "let's have a closer look little one".  Do I have to open my eyes Dad?

This hat is cool!  er... warm... is it nap time yet?  Sure is light out here.

6lbs, 11 oz.  Yep that's me.  I'm ready for some jammies.

Hey nurse, I got a bracelet and ankle thingy. What up?

Daylin Weissenborn.  15 minutes old.  Great job Danielle!  Congrats Dad.  Congrats to everyone. Thanks God. Merry Christmas a little early!

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