Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day in Winchester

Jeanne and I traveled to Winchester California (just north east of Temecula) to celebrate Christmas with her son Daniel, daughter-in-law Danielle, grandson Dylan and newborn granddaughter Daylin and the rest of the family. Winchester is the site of the horse ranch Danielle's mom Renee runs. The California  back country is beautiful this time of year. The star if the celebration was Daylin, who cooed and slept except when feeding time came.

Grandma Jeanne holds Daylin for a close-up.

The only eyes open picture so far.  Daylin, NOT Jeanne!!

I almost cried. Don't tell anyone.

Proud father Daniel gets ANOTHER smile from Daylin.

I love the way little ones make the family closer. Jeanne and Daniel have always been close. Jeanne and Danielle have really become a team getting ready, then during delivery.

Jeanne gets one of the whole family at the traditional British popper fortune and prize opening.  We are all children of our King as you can see. Clockwise from me on right is great grandma Denise, great grandpa Wayne, Tamara, Daniel, Danielle, Dylan, and Renee. Lisa and her fiance Ray had to work, so we celebrated with them on the 23rd.  What fun!

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