Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Monday, November 1, 2010


One of the qualities I enjoy most in my wife Jeanne is her playfulness!  She often makes me laugh with little observations about myself, an event we are attending, a group of people acting foolishly.  She loves to poke fun, cajole, act out a stereotype complete with verbal accent. Don't get me started on her invention of our alter "trailer trash" personalities "Billy Ray" and "Lula Mae".  She uses them to point out less than considerate behavior in a comical way.  Smart girl.

Recently Jeanne had to have a somewhat serious foot surgery to correct a bone spur and joint problem.  This left her at home with leg up most of the time.  Among other things she passed the time making some GREAT Halloween costumes - yes,  Hippies!!!  Although she and I didn't identify with the Hippy lifestyle or attitude about drugs etc, we recognized that the Hippies did show compassion for one another and appreciation for "smelling the roses" (and many other flowers) along the road of life.  So here is a hurrah for the positive side of "Flower Power" as celebrated during Halloween this year.  Thanks Jeanne!  Peace!

Jeanne in front of our house and the Cosmos flowers planted late summer.  Groovy!

"Rolling Stone" and "Sunshine" - happy Hippy Halloween hopefuls at the Clairemont Square for a movie with my Mom.  Don't miss "Secretariat" the recent Disney production about the famous race horse and the extraordinary woman who brought him to championship form that remains unbeaten even today. 

We surprised our Bible Study by leading worship in costume. Some of the group couldn't figure out who we were. They recognized the guitar and the voices at some point. Happy fall season everyone!

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