Captain Fun in action

Captain Fun in action

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Patio Parties

One of my favorite things in San Diego is outdoor parties.  We do 'em on the ole patio.  So did the early California ranchers that settled this part of the world.  Sun, friends and a patio table with food is all it takes.  We don't worry about the occaision that much, we just make an excuse like "Fred's birthday from last month" and we get together.  What follows is a cavalcade of patios, friends, family, and fun from last summer and fall this year.

This is an annual Surfer's Bible Study August potluck at Pete and Candice Savage's house.  Add pool to patio for more fun.

The warm evenings make it a great time to catch up with friends and trade lies stories about the local fishing and surfing. I enjoy the close ties that a common faith allows with these folks who we pray for as we meet life's challenges.

Here are a couple of happy patio compadres squinting  in the evening sun as they wait in the buffet line.

Later we migrate inside to the dessert table.  Yummie!

Island Prime restaurant has a nice patio!  My brother Ken and daughter Lisa catch up on one of his Navy stops in San Diego. My mom, Kate, is just beyond Ken at the table looking animated.

A summer favorite is beer on my Mom's patio.  This is a tradition my brother, friends: Mike and Steve and new stepson Daniel are sharing.  Didn't have to ask these guys to smile for the camera.  Good Times!

Biggest patio party ever at my house was Kate's 90th Birthday Bash.  Yep 90 candles!  I had to take the battery out of the smoke alarm in the family room just off the patio for this part.

Just move your furniture outside, invite 60 guests, cater a lunch and viola!  Mom hasn't returned to normal orbit yet according to NASA.

Mom may be a record setter for gathering neighbors, friends, fans of swimming (Neptune Club), and family on a warm July 24th.  In this case we moved the buffet indoors.

If you don't have a patio try a community park, church reception hall, friend's house, or your own backyard with umbrella's.  Everyone will appreciate a little bit of time to graze and connect.  It's just that simple. Don't forget your snapshot camera.  Thanks everyone for joining us this year!

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